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Double XP Weekends

Double XP Weekends will be handled differently from now on. We will be rotating out every week on which servers get the bonus.

  • World of Warcraft Legion **BETA** (Begins @ 7:30am 1/12)

  • Neverwinter Online Bonus Weekend +500 Zen (Begins @ 7:30am 1/19)

  • World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King (Begins @ 7:30am 1/26)

  • Star Wars Galaxies (Begins @ 7:30am 2/2)

  • Weekly Maintenance

    Morning downtime daily from 5am until 7:30 am PST. Monday Maintenence day! Downtime from 12am to 10am PST

    Yet ANOTHER IP Change for SWG

    There has been another IP Change for SWG, due to the internet outage in our area. Please click on SWG Setup for more information!

    IP Change for SWG

    There has been another IP Change for SWG. Please click on SWG Setup for more information!

    Monday Maintenance 1/8

    Yet another week has gone by, and even more progress on our servers have been made! Our most complete server, SWG, has been running great! Yes, we are looking into a couple of minor bugs, but the server has ran amazingly. Our second complete server NWO, has also had no issues. This last week, there has been a lot of downtime for our WOTLK Server, and I'd like to apologize for that. As we prepared to launch our Legion server for beta, we moved WOTLK to Server B (formerly known as server C). Until today, every time the Legion Server was taken offline, so was WOTLK. This should not happen anymore unless we have to reset the database itself. Legion will continue to have some sudden downtimes as we work towards creating the best Legion server possible. I have just been recently added to the development team for the server itself, and daily changes are made to our server before being released to the public! More to come soon!

    About Downtime

    Some of you have noticed that there has been a lot of up and down time for 2 of our supported games the last few days: WOTLK and NWO. The reason behind these outages is that I am completely re-doing the databases and moving the servers around. Once finished, these games will run much faster and cleaner. It is my hope to have these servers back online today (1/4) and also have our Legion server up on our test center. Please bear with me during these changes, and thank you for your patience.

    New Years Nightmare

    Today (01/01/2018), I woke to find that once again the IPs had been reset by my local broadband company. Now, this effects 2 of our servers: SWG and Neverwinter because both do not like DDNS addresses. Neverwinter was able to be fixed just fine. SWG, however, has been a headache all day. The server kept rejecting the new address and will not take a DDNS address. After 9 hours of working on it, the SWG server is back online and the new connection info is set in the client setup area. We were also able to move the WOTLK server to server C, which will have it running along side the new Legion server that we are testing and will speed its performance up greatly. I apologize for any play time issues this has caused, but I was working hard all day to make sure everything was back online! There are SWG client address changes, WOW client Address changes, and NWO Client Address changes. Please click on client setup here on the main page for the changes that need to be made!

    Feature Friday 12/29

    Feature Friday! This week, and the next three weeks after, we will be focusing on the State of the Game for each of the games we run. Our second feature focuses on World of Warcraft. Please click HERE and read the feature.

    Monday Update 12/25/2017

    Merry Christmas everyone! There has been an unusual amount of Downtime because of an IP changeover. For those of you who cannot connect, please visit your client setup page for more information. Everything has been updated. Because of the Christmas holiday, we are throwing a christmas gift triple whammy! Neverwinter 2x XP has been extended until 11:59 pm PST tonight, All Neverwinter Holiday activities were activated, and Every player who had an account before today, or gets one today, will get a bonus 5000 Zen!

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